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Who We Are

A Foundation for Care

At Senior Fluent, we believe that every senior should live a fulfilling life surrounded by people who care. When age takes its toll, we understand that assistance with daily living is a necessity. Our goal is to provide the best possible care in a comfortable setting that feels like home. Whether you need help getting ready in the morning or those friendly reminders to take your daily medication, we will ensure you have what you need. Our Staff is trained and certified in all care areas and dedicated to treating you like family. 


What is A Family Care Home?

A Family care home offers the same 24-hour care provided in an assisted living facility but in a residential home with three to six residents. Family Care homes are certified by the state of North Carolina and inspected yearly to make sure that all state rules and regulations are met. The caretaker to resident ratio is 1-3, which means you will receive personalized care from a licensed professional that you will get to know and love. Living in a smaller setting also allows for intimate interaction with the other residents while offering a safer environment and protection from sickness and viruses. A family care home is an excellent option if you are looking for one-on-one care accompanied by a setting in which you can feel at home. 

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